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February 14th 2015: One Year Anniversary update. FREE ALBUMS


Miyuki here.

Last year on Febuary 14th 2014 we decided to upload our second full length album to bandcamp: Yuki Yuki Yasumi Tsundere.

We decided that we would release “something” for the one year anniversary, so we've uploaded the following:

An 11 song live album recorded in 2010 (never released until now).

A 5 song EP of remixes of songs from our first two studio albums: Devoured By Japanese Schoolgirls and Tsundere.

All 16 of these songs are currently on Bandcamp and can be downloaded FOR FREE.

Anyway, I wanted to provide some kind of write up/ album notes for both the live show and the remixes. I'll do the live show in another blog.

Here are Miyuki's album notes for the 5 remixes/re-recordings on Free EP:

History of The Eyes of Innocence (Nutty Menthol Mix):

In 2008, the first three songs Jack and I worked on were Eyes Of Innocence, Stop My Heart, and Persona. These were the first “experimental” tracks for the project that would become Zeta Potential and later Yuki Yuki Yasumi. We easily spent three weeks making every mistake we could in an attempt to destroy these songs. Stop My Heart had at least 30+ violin/viola tracks that caused our recording software to skip on playback. Eyes Of Innocence was bogged down by failed drum takes, and I forget what was wrong with Persona, we just forgot about it, I guess.

Before finishing the Devoured By Japanese Schoolgirls album, I finished two extremely simplified/dumbed down versions of Stop My Heart and Eyes of Innocence to put on the album last minute. The album version of Eyes doesn't even have guitar (which I didn't really care about, since I felt it stood on it's own as an electronic song).

This version of the song is not the original Eyes, which remains unfinished, it is however a “heavier” interpretation of the song with focus on guitars and screamed vocals (as opposed to spoken work on the original version). It is also slower than any other version recorded which seems to add to it's anger and brutality. If you are a fan of my “old material” with the band Wheeling Bitch Circus, you should give it a listen. It reminds me a little bit of the industrial music they were doing before I joined the band.

History of Anata No Ichiban (Wake Up Bake Out Mix):

About a month after releasing the Tsundere album, I started experimenting with sings the parts of the song which I rapped on the album. I figured it would be kind of chill to change those parts on a remix, assuming I slowed the song down. The vocals are deliberately “airy and anemic,” giving it a more laid- back vibe.

The original song itself has an odd history. My youngest brother used to call the Tonberry enemy from Final Fantasy a “Gumpa.” He ended up creating a universe surrounding the Gumpa/Tonberry creatures, and I ended up wring a theme song for them.

I always felt that Gumpa music would involve a lot of pizzicato strings, so I used this as a guideline when wring the song Gumpaz of Egypt, for the third WBC album: Fallen Angel.

I actually really hate that song, but I decided to re-purpose the pizzicato strings part for a “hip-hop song” for a project called Vitamin Dick Bag, which never got made.

The end result was the music for Anata no Ichiban.

History of Sexy Japanese Maid (Mild Seven mix):

This song is meant to be an anthem for weeaboo. It was one of my favorite songs on Devoured By Japanese Schoolgirls and it also features song of Jack's favorite guitar solos. With that said, I always thought the song could be tighter. This version of the song isn't too different from the original. Some of the synthesizers are played with legato at parts which give the song a slightly different feel and there are some chiptune arpeggios to give the song an added geekiness.

History of Kitsune Udon (NES RY4 Mix):

I came up with this song's chorus while making coffee before work. I thought it was ridiculous, so I discarded it. Three days later, I found myself still singing it, so I figured it was catchy enough that I might as well finish/record it.

It is “technically” the first song written for the second Yuki Yuki Yasumi album Tsundere. A like recording of it exists from summer 2010, which means that we were playing it live four years before it ended up with an official release.

The song has theme of personification of food as a girl. Kitsune Udon is a noddle dish (one of my old Japanese teachers told me that it isn't actually made with fox meat). In this case Kitsune is a girl and I go on to discuss all the torrid things I do to her with condiments. I think I got the idea from the anime Love Hina where one of the girls is nicknamed Kitsune (I always liked her short hair and her big ass tits that would protrude from her poorly-fitting button down shirt).

The remix was originally going to be called “Vore Mix”, but since we already had this smoking/vaping theme we decided on the “RY4 Mix.” I might revisit the vorefication idea since I already have an idea for a song about a Korean waifu made of Kimchi.

History of S.O.S. (Anytime Vaping Cigarette Mix):

S.O.S. is a song I wrote after watching episodes 1-6 of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It ended up being the 2nd track on Devoured By Japanese Schoolgirls.

I did something special with the mix. I played every 4 bars in reverse order and then used a reverse effect to set the song back into the correct chord progression. I had a lot of fun making this remix and will someday use the same technique for another song.

After wring S.O.S., I wrote an alternate song called Tsundere Girl for the second album, which borrows some of the lyrics for use in an alternate theme. When performing S.O.S. Live I often times insert lyrics from Tsundere Girl, which I also do on this remix.

Anyway, that's all for the remix EP. If you like the songs and want to have the originals the first two Yuki albums are available for purchase from a number of vendors including the Yuki Yuki Yasumi Bandcamp page.

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